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The simplest way to project your 3D content on Domes, Caves, Headsets and Stereo. Check out below our options and features included in version 1.9

RENDERLights for professional Dome Cave Headset Stereo projections.

Import 3D
Optimize FPS
Simulate GI
Projection Ready!

Our Features

Projection Formats

Full-, Half-, Truncated-Domes, Oculus Rift, Little Planet, 360 VR, Ortho...

Controller Types

Joystick, Keyboard, Mouse. Coming soon: Space Navigator, Hydra, Omni...

Import 3D File Formats

IFC, FBX, OBJ, 3DS, +50 industry formats.


In-built full featured radiosity illumination game-engine.


Combine (xref) several models into a single scene. Optimize. Illuminate. Go!


Pre-program your presentation with preset viewpoints and fly around animations.


We keep working to make this even better for your VR business.


Very doable. Between a pair of expensive shoes and a cheap car.

and more...

World is transforming heavily. Today you can easily benfit of readily available 3D content, both public and project born.
3D is a common language. When brought into real-time mode, it speeds up stakeholders into collaboration mode that is often superior to old school stuff.
Figured out already a long time ago, virtual reality is getting ever stronger, aiding us more and more in our everyday challenges. Collect your benefit - join the success today!

We're not the only ones excited happy about RENDERLights...

Already hundreds of productions have utilized RENDERLights. Meet our customers.