RENDERLights first encounter

RENDERLights just got much better, new features on this new release, object modifications, rotation and scaling capabilities are now part of our main features.

This video will guide you trough the main tools you need to know to operate RENDERLights, in just 5 minutes.

Working with Lights and Clipping planes

Adding light sources is a very easy process, you can use menu to add different light sources or shortcuts to make your work faster and easier. Choose between Sunlight, Spotlights and Omni lights to lit your scene.

Working with xref files

File xrefing is one of the most common procedure to organize your production, using this feature your work can be speed up, by updating just the files that have receive some modification. Xref files modifications are not saved while on xref mode, bind the model with scene if you want to keep the changes, for instance if you have modify materials.

File Import

Import from more than 50 different formats, imported files will be embedded with the scene.

Due to real-time radiosity and Global Illumination features,  manipulating objects in the scene is supported using static objects, in Precalculated or realtime mode, this options can be found in the Global Illumination panel.

To move, rotate or scale you need to convert the objects to dynamic mode, real time radiosity will be disable at this point but is easy to get it active on the global Illumination panel.

3D Warehouse Import

RENDERLights 3d warehouse connection will allow you to import  3d models from the largest database of models in the world.

Downloaded models will be saved by default at: DocumentsRENDERLights3dwarehouse,  models  provided by 3d warehouse are mostly on the form of KMZ, commonly used on Google earth.  Collada and SKP files are also supported, making this feature a really powerful way to review, animate and visualize your shared models.

Sketchup Connection Click’n’Go

This quick video will demostrate how to build and texture a quick simple model in Sketchup.
Push click n go and you are ready to navigate you model in RENDERlights with full radiosity, shadows and many more features to make your model come to life.