Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective from 23.07.2010

This policy applies to all personal data collected on RenderLights website, RenderLights forum and other sites for which RenderLights and/or 3D Render Oy is responsible. In this document “RenderLights”, “3D Render”, “3D Render Oy”, “Lowpolygon3D” refers to 3D Render Oy and its affiliates (e.g. RenderLights, Lowpolygon3D). 3D Render oy may also be referred as “us”, “we”, “our” or other equivalent pronouns.

We may also provide additional privacy policies with a particular service, part of the website or outside the website. These policies may contradict with this policy. In such case, additional policies will be primarily used. This website may also have links to other websites or embedded information from other websites that have their own privacy policies. We take no responsibility for the information in other companies’ or websites’ privacy policies. We also recommend that you read all such privacy policies.

By using this website or any other website by 3D Render, you express your agreement to the usage of your personal data as described in this document. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not use this website or provide any personal information to the website.

The data we collect and how it will be used and processed

We collect all personal information you enter to our services (e.g. when registering). We attempt to collect personal information only with your knowledge and understanding. When you register to our services or otheriwise provide your personal information, we collect authentication information. This information usually includes the user name and password. This information will be kept secret and will not be used in any other purpose than authentication. All other information you provide us, which may include demographic information or information about your preferences, may however be used in any means legal. This includes data analysis and marketing purposes. 3D Render attempts to protect the identity of all users by all reasonable means. However if the user actively reveals his/her identity in the RenderLights Forum or other service by 3D Render, we take no responsibility.

We may also use private information about you available in public sources.

In addition to entered personal information we collect technical information automatically generated by your computer and servers. Such information may include e.g. your IP-address, your country, access time, pages you visit, the way you enter the website, information about your device, etc.

Data quality

When you provide us with your personal infomation you agree to deliver accurate and correct personal information and not to use anyone else’s identity. We also encourage you to keep your informaton up to date and update your personal information whenever it changes.


We cannot, and take no resposibility over the safety of the information while tranmitted over the internet and/or telecommunication network. We also take no responsibility over the safety of the information generated by RenderLights website or any other product or service by 3D Render on the user computer. However we do take reasonable measures to minimize the risk of information abuse or “hacking”.

Currently RenderLights servers are located in Finland, EU, but we may move or transfer your personal information to other countries around the world, including countries that may not have laws protecting personal data.

We may be obliged to disclose your personal information to certain authorities or other institutions such as law enforcement agencies in the countries where we or our affiliates operate.

Changing and deleting information

If you wish to know what personal data of yours has been stored to our servers, correct false information, delete some personal information or stop processing of your personal data, please contact us via contact form, e-mail, telephone or mail. Please note that deleting of some information may, however, may prevent us from continuing to provide the service to you.

Changes to this privacy policy

3D Render may change or modify this privacy policy at any moment. If major changes occur to this privacy policy, 3D Render will notify the change on the website 30 days before changing the privacy policy.