RENDERLights Viewer for Google 3D Warehouse

3D Render Announces: Free RENDERLights Viewer for Google 3D Warehouse Helsinki, Finland – December 23rd of December, 2011 Leveraging over a decade of visualization and software development experience, 3D Render today announced the release of RENDERLights Viewer. Building upon their widely successful RENDERLights software, architects, visualization artists, and designers now have access to a real-time […]

Version 1.4.2 is out

  Version 1.4.2 published 13th December 2011   New features: •3d warehouse Viewer version (free license on request) •predefined environments change sun position •Sun is enabled/disabled when it goes above/below horizon. only if “Simulate sun” is checked •Dusk added to environment menu, to ‘e’ cycling •submenu “Settings/Layout” with Default and Close all •”Environment/City” has city […]

Version 1.3.86

Version 1.3.86 published 18th October 2011 New features: Updated sample scene, with step by step tutorial. multiselection support for animations, keyframes, xrefs, comments, x/y/z arrows multiselection support for lights, objects right drag without ctrl/alt/shift rotates camera, not selection ctrl+shift+wheel = scale the selection Object properties / Rotation right drag+ctrl/alt/shift rotates in x/y/z world axes xrefs/skp/fbx […]

Version 1.3.79 published 22nd July 2011

Updated IFC •Better material handling •Improve geometry recognition •reduced number of materials in IFC •IFC curves and curve selectors except BSplines are implemented •Better naming of imported IFC objects Animation •ctrl-up/dn jumps to the beginning of prev/next animation •when playing anim, right/left move position by 1s, up/down by 10s •timing code rewritten GUI & Manipulation […]

IFC and TEKLA in action with RENDERLights

We have tested the IFC connection with TEKLA BIMsight and RENDERLights with very nice results. Please take a look of this animation done under 2 hours, that shows what TEKLA BIMsight model looks like in RENDERLights.   IFC 2×3 support combines RENDERLights with all modern BIM tools. This is a great addition to over 50 […]