RENDERLights 1.9 Released

  VERSION 1.9.10 PUBLISHED on 11 of May 2016  Exporting +export to Collada *.dae +improved compatibility of exported dae +collada exports uv channel numbers. + reduced number of export crashes while exporting to Collada (*.dae) RENDERLights can export unicode textures to Collada (*.dae) +export happens in isolated process (less likely to crash) +support for export […]

New Improved website

RENDERLights Team is happy to present our new website. We have work hard to make easy to find information and get in touch with us, we hope to keep giving a good service to best of our abilities. Thank you all for your support. RENDERLights 3D Monkeys 🙂

New Family Member

RENDERLights  is proud to introduce our newest distributor to Costa Rica,   Intermedia Costa Rica is managed by our good friend Architect Carlos Castillo, he will be in charge of operations from San Jose and cover all the Costa Rican territory. He is our partner in collaboration with Graphisoft, Intermedia provides software, education and 3d […]

RENDERLights Version 1.8.6 is out now !!

VERSION 1.8.6 PUBLISHED on 1 of August 2015   NEW FEATURES   +Oculus SDK updated to Please upgrade Oculus runtime from: +3Dwarehouse browser updated to work with new website + Archicad 18 ( click n go) Integration via Archiframe, Visit to know more about it. +”[x] force units” is saved (Keeps units […]