Schloss Eneburg

This model is created by Christina Eneroth in the span of few years, great example of Sketchup use, is fantasy model full of hidden secrets and wonderful rooms.

The castle is located at a mountain in the Imaginary Italian Alps.

The road to the castle follows the south west wall but makes a u-turn between the outer and middle gatehouses before it intersects the wall at the inner gatehouse. From here there’s a road leading directly to the inner courtyard but the main road follows the same wall to the Eagle’s Tower and goes through the garden and the outer & middle courtyard first.

The main entrance is located at the tower with the copper roof facing the inner courtyard. Most of the castle is directly connected to this tower.

With the help of RENDERLights we are able to travel inside and have a peak to the ideas that the artists want it to express.

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