RENDERLights 1.9.20 Update released

  Version history Latest Version 1.9 VERSION 1.9.20 PUBLISHED on 21 of August 2017 1.1 IMPORTING AND EXPORTING Update FBX SDK 2011.3 to 2015.1 Update .skp reader 2016 to 2017 (but only in 64bit RL, 32bit RL is left at .skp version 2016) Stop normalizing filenames in windows version, to avoid some problems with Unicode […]

RENDERLights 1.9 Released

  VERSION 1.9.10 PUBLISHED on 11 of May 2016  Exporting +export to Collada *.dae +improved compatibility of exported dae +collada exports uv channel numbers. + reduced number of export crashes while exporting to Collada (*.dae) RENDERLights can export unicode textures to Collada (*.dae) +export happens in isolated process (less likely to crash) +support for export […]

ArchiCAD Summer School 2014

The ACUA team would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our event, you will not regret this. All topics are always ArchiCad related and we are confident that what you learn during this event will improve you skills beyond expectations! New features of ArchiCad 18 will be highlighted by an expert team. […]

ArchiCAD Spring Academy 2014

The Experience ArchiCAD Spring Academy 2014 is a two day celebration that will educate, entertain, and immerse you in the ArchiCAD community. You will be offered access to ArchiCAD BIM related products and services, paired with expert advice, demonstrations, workshops and instructions. Conference programs feature world famous architects and industry leading minds, presenting cutting edge […]