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The easiest way to figure out how Reseller Program works is to try it. Why not apply if it’s so easy? Did we tell you that joining Reseller Program is free? No investment is necessary to start earning reseller fees!

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With our generous discount, even a single sale is worth spending 10 minutes on joining the Reseller Program. What’s more, a single “accidental” sale is a good news, because it is very likely to happen again. From that moment you start thinking about achieving a few more sales, and this is how business grows.

Reseller Program application

To be considered for approval as a RENDERLights Oy. Reseller, please click the link below and complete the online RENDERLights Oy. Reseller Program application. After you complete the Reseller Program application, your information will be queued for review by our company and we will contact you shortly.

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Terms And Conditions

  • RENDERLights Oy. reserves the right to accept or decline Reseller Program without explanation.
  • RENDERLights Oy. reserves the right to terminate a reseller’s account at any time with immediate effect if it’s found that reseller is exercising any of the Improper Business Practices listed below.
  • RENDERLights Oy. reserves the right to change the rate of commission and/or the products included in the scheme, although we will not do so without giving prior notice to existing resellers.
  • Reseller discount starts from the second sale, which means the first sale is not subject to Reseller Program.
  • Discount purchases should be placed through our website order form (applies to first purchase as well).