RENDERLights Version 1.8.6 is out now !!

VERSION 1.8.6 PUBLISHED on 1 of August 2015




+Oculus SDK updated to

Please upgrade Oculus runtime from:

+3Dwarehouse browser updated to work with new website

+ Archicad 18 ( click n go) Integration via Archiframe, Visit to know more about it.

+”[x] force units” is saved (Keeps units fixed, to work with archicad Click N Go exporter)

+each time animation playback with oculus starts, rotation is adjusted so that view with/without oculus is the same

+equirectangular (360 Panorama) mode is rotated, so that center of view stays in center

+”Tonemap/Color” renamed to “Colorize”

+new video player based on libav

+color picker is centered on screen

+integrated libav+portaudio with RL

+pathtracer supports DOF

+lens flare collision, works also with dynamic objects

+fixed: freshly imported warehouse model disappeared when made static

+fixed: some texts were missing in GUI translation files