RENDERLights Version 1.8.4 is Out !!

What’s new  in Version 1.8


VERSION 1.8.4 PUBLISHED on 14 of May 2015




+IFC Support improved

+ctrl-f10 starts capturing from current animation frame

+different animation frames can use different logos

+reorganization in GI panel, new “Multipliers”

+added Panorama/Coverage/Truncate top+bottom

+updated to work with new pathtracing modes, compatibility for old projects

+new pathtracing checkboxes added to rlproj, undo, anim system

+Polish Language added

+pathtracing is responsive (it does not freeze everything until frame finishes rendering)

+pathtracing is enabled by checkbox, not by selecting it from drop-down list

+esc in Oculus mode unchecks stereo (in addition to leaving fullscreen)

+faster RL startup (delayed load of matlib textures)

+videos are synchronized with animations. also during capture

+Animation / Video offset  (controls the beggining of playback)

+contours and multipliers saved to rlproj, added to undo system, can be animated

+pathtracer supports panorama, selection, lens flare, fps, some stereo modes

+in oculus mode, mouse rotates camera even without pressing buttons (but only within oculus window, it has no effect whem moved outside)




+SSGI added to undo system, can be animated

+skp import does not open console (DOS consoled invisible)

+updated assimp integration

+finished work on GI / Multipliers, all of them should work equally in pathtracer, fireball, lightmaps

+clicking objects in viewport works also in panorama, some stereo modes

+”fire+path” technique added, automatically switches from “fireball” to “pathtracer” after 0.2s of inactivity

+”Saving…”, “Baking…”, “Unwrapping…”, “Rendering…” etc shows up also when tooltips are disabled

+updated OSX port

+changed link in Help/Store

+faster fireball build

+baking with the same settings might be bit slower, but quality is higher




+fixed: pathtraced clouds (looked like white rectangles)

+fixed: pathtraced objects with negative scale (were dark)

+fixed: cylinder

+fixed: pathtracing of 100% transparent parts in alpha maps

+fixed: “Transparency / 1-bit / threshold” did not work as documented

+fixed: saving rlproj was breaking c@pture

+fixed: “Recording…” was not centered

+fixed: ghost arrows were displayed when looking in opposite direction

+fixed: baking interior scenes created bright spots on the floor

+bugfixing assimp-cinema4d-ifc and integrating it to Windows RL