RenderLights 1.6 is out

RenderLights 1.6 is out

3D Render ltd has released the new version 1.6 of RENDERLights on 12th April 2013 in Helsinki Finland. All the users who have a valid license of RENDERLights can update their RENDERLights to the new version 1.6 for free.

The version 1.6 includes several improvements in usability and performance. A new easier and more powerful material editor allows RENDERLights users to make more realistic and more impressing materials,  including refraction and parallax displacement.

Version history

  • fixed: open+save duplicated materials
  • fixed: if triangles disappear with bump mapping, use “build tangents” again.
  • Light/IES style, for spotlights only, hides Light/Projected texture, unhides Light/IES style/Texture
  • Light/IES style/Texture, offers standard and custom textures from data\maps\vignette
  • Render extras/Vignette rewritten, offers standard and custom textures from data\maps \vignette (saving to project, compatibility with older projects)
  • autosave is disabled during video capture
  • default lightmap background color is white
  • vignette and lens flares are disabled in stereo
  • more rendering options saved to rlproj
  • water time is synchronized with animation time (water plays well with animation capture)
  • fixed: objects with specific rotation/scale did not animate (this was case of cutting plane)
  • Render materials/Transparency/Refraction
  • improved DOF
  • Scene/Baking/Spread foreground
  • Scene/Baking/Background color
  • fixed: if triangles disappear with bump mapping, it’s because “build tangents” built wrong ones. try “build tangents” again, it fixed now.
  • fixed: red viewport when rendering scene with more than 65535 objects
  • .kmz import unpacks textures to disk, instead of embedding them into materials and projects
  • .fbx is imported with RL loader
  • address space randomization, attempt to fix “Windows security features test” warning
  • if logo is video, it can be stopped and paused
  • higher quality DOF
  • Material/Transmittance/Threshold
  • DOF adjusted by ctrl+alt+wheel
  • DOF Near and Far can be animated
  • DOF settings saved to rlproj
  • Extra logging events (r&d purposes)
  • DOF settings moved under Camera
  • DOF settings: Automatic, Near, Far
  • Updated newer ifc code
  • material folders are sorted
  • materials inside folder are sorted
  • DOF focal length saved to rlproj
  • sRGB correctness is checked in default (empty) project. (it should be checked to make RL viewport and pathtraced images look similar)
  • extra logging (temporary, while debugging texture search)
  • fixed: pack’n’share failed with scene texture as logo
  • fixed: animation in hero.rlproj
  • updated newer ifc code
  • DOF has its own focal length (separated from stereo)
  • fixed: DOF did not work on Nvidia GPUs
  • fixed: c@pture did not save to rr3 properly
  • autosave prints “Saving…” to viewport
  • screenshot prints “Rendering…” to viewport
  • Shadow bias saved to rlproj, can be animated
  • DOF saved to rlproj
  • Light properties/Shadow bias
  • materials with “water” in name support also heightmaps

Also, modifying objects has been made easier than before. A more simple user interface will help you to finalize your presentations faster.

RENDERLights 1.6 has a full support of stereoscopic 3D. Side by side, up or down screen and interlaced mode. Now you can have the same stereoscopic effect in your own presentations as in 3D movies and 3D video games!

We are delighted to answer all questions regarding the new version and RENDERLights in general! For contact information, follow this link Contact Us.