RENDERLights -Click n’ go connection to ArchiCAD


3D Render announces Graphisoft ArchiCAD connection with one click. RENDERLights has a new feature that enables users to move models from ArchiCAD to RENDERLights easily and fast. This technology is based on cooperation with Graphisoft and is working on Windows-platform. RENDERLights will be introduced to MAC platform during this year.

RENDERLights is the fastest and easiest way to use real-time radiosity and light simulation engine in the architectural industry. Building upon their widely successful RENDERLights engine, architects, visualization artists and designers now have access to a real-time virtual reality engine on the popular ArchiCAD platform.

“This is very exciting new development and opportunity for ArchiCAD users”,  said Pauli Jantunen Development Manager for 3D Render, ” The design process has changed dramatically and we have developed the first virtual reality engine that will truly democratize visualization throughout the design process.”

In an increasingly competitive market, it has become critically important to quickly and easily communicate design intent with internal stakeholders and customers.

Product Availability

RENDERLights professional version is distributed as a floating license and is available for the limited introductory price of 1699,50 €, including one year service contract with free upgrades. Purchases can be made from the RENDERLights website and from select international resellers.

“We are constantly looking for ways to serve better ArchiCAD market and look for chances to do more cooperation with Resellers.”,  Pauli Jantunen adds on topic of availability.

About 3D Render

3D Render is one of the leading visualization offices in Scandinavia. Based in Helsinki, Finland, 3D Render has over a decade of experience in visualization and software development.

Their products range from simple 3D imagery and videos, to complex virtual models and web based applications. 3D Render specializes in the development of new and innovative ways to help decisions makers in the design industry use visualization tools.

3D Render is also a Graphisoft Registered API developer and does continuous development cooperation with Graphisoft on this connection.

Press Contact

Mr. Pauli Jantunen

Development Manager

Tel: +358 50 38 33 789