Developers Log

Developers Log
Here you can find the latest improvements, bug fixes and innovations.

We are 100% committed to the development and utilization of new ideas, with your help we will be able to

keep improving RENDERLights to the maximum of our capabilities.

RENDERLights Log has been kept and made available, starting from the September the 15th,

this will mark the day when we made RENDERLights public.

Version 1.3.62 published 1st Mar 2011

  • help screen updated, new shortcuts added. Press H to see the help screen
  • Settings/Default workspace menu option to recover workspace layout
  • fixed: ‘e’ did not work Cicle trough skyboxes is working properly
  • fixed: skybox error in pack’n’share
  • fixed .dxf
  • pack’n’share supports textures on network and other disks (temporarily logs texture paths)
  • messages are logged to both log file and log window
  • datadefault.prefs is loaded when user preferences don’t exist yet
  • panel captions can be translated (patched wxWidgets)
  • removed statusbar
  • tooltips in menu
  • menu changes

    RLprecalc->GI precalculated

    RLrealtime->GI realtime

  • image overlay can be video
  • deletes all but last 10 log files
  • console hidden when importing .kmz
  • pack’n’share packs lightmaps when enabled
  • pack’n’share packs LDMs when enabled
  • tooltips in properties
  • smoother start, panels show up initialized
  • lightmaps are stored in subdirectory
  • languages

    changing lang: Preferences/Language, offers automatic RL restart

  • dark color scheme
  • sketchup version and new sketchup splash image
  • skybox cycling includes custom skybox
  • smaller animation icons
  • fixed fbx import from Revit
  • menu changes

    Global Illumination/Build submenu, better help texts


    Explorer->Explorer Tree

    Preferences moved below Animation

    LDM moved below Constant

    version is red

  • FSAA->Antialising
  • Scene properties/Camera/FOV moved to the left
  • water precision improved in large scenes

Version 1.3.56 published 12th Jan 2011

  • hidden fps and red border when capturing sshot
  • hidden icons when playing animation
  • Build FB -> Build GI
  • Render extras/Image overlay/Opacity
  • pack’n’share shows log
  • pack’n’share hides console
  • pack’n’share is 2x faster
  • datadefault.rlproj,rr3 added
  • changing cubemap resolution is much faster
  • fixed: “Transparency / in alpha” was ignored
  • fixed: skybox sometimes loaded incorrectly
  • faces with flipped front/back are automatically corrected
  • fixed: .skp transparency
  • fixed: .skp smoothing
  • fixed: .skp units
  • fixed: .kmz import
  • sketchup license support
  • .skp import
  • fixed: assert after right click in Explorer
  • fixed: .fbx with non-ascii character in path failed to open
  • screenshot border is thick
  • fixed import of .kmz if path contains space
  • screenshot border is red
  • screenshot border is off by default
  • anim capture captures logo
  • anim capture captures image overlay
  • anim capture doesn’t captures sshot border lines
  • anim capture doesn’t captures icons
  • User preferences / Screenshots / Enhanced / Show border (shows what will be in screenshot)
  • helpers: moved little bit more to not overlap with menu
  • fixed: wrong .skp units

Version 1.3.49 published 21st Dec 2010

  • newly created lights don’t inherit properties from sun and flashlight
  • fixed: RGB shadows
  • fixed: Decimal symbol had to be . (some countries have ,)
  • fixed: .fbx crashes, wrong positions
  • fixed: tiled flash light
  • menu: selected is red
  • menu: submenu is aligned
  • menu: Help / ver. RL 1.3.47
  • helpers: version
  • helpers: moved to not overlap with menu
  • log name changed to Documents/RENDERLights/log.2010-12-18.19-05-43.txt
  • RGB blending and RGB shadows, more realistic colored glass and other thin semi-translucent materials
  • Scene properties / Render materials / Transparency (enhanced)
  • Scene properties / GI quality / Shadow transparency (added)
  • .skp import
  • better .fbx import
  • shadowmap resolution is saved

Version 1.3.46 published 25th Nov 2010

  • Scene properties / Render extras / Image overlay
  • menu items have help in statusbar
  • “Tone mapping by sun” changed to “Target screen intensity / By Sun”, saved to project, change is smooth
  • new light inherits parameters from previously selected light
  • doesn’t save User preferences Force up, Force units
  • RLViewer always starts in fullscreen
  • fixed: text in statusbar was cropped to 127 characters
  • fixed: missing files(e.g. black environment) when published exe was run in 64bit windows
  • live video capture, type c@pture instead of usual filename
  • lens flare is less jumpy
  • fixed: some vertices getting darker under some view angles


  • +published exe contains both 32bit and 64bit code, automatically picks better one
  • +xref reload (in context menu)
  • +xrefs in explorer without path
  • +xrefs in explored with “[hidden]”
  • +switching between 4 vignette images
  • +new lensflares
  • +fullscreen is saved to and restored from user preferences
  • +smaller ‘About’
  • +fixed: log window caption
  • +fixed: toggling fullscreen by joystick
  • +Scene properties / GI quality / Lightmap baking / Smoothing, Wrapping
  • +lightmap baking can work with much smaller unwrap gutter/lightmap resolution
  • +doubleclicking sky toggles fullscreen


  • +better .fbx import (but still does not import texcoords)
  • +submenus
  • +About dialog replaced by image
  • +new keyframe icon
  • +Duration renamed to Transition
  • +fixed: indirect illumination did not change after disabling light
  • +diagnostic messages while loading sky (added temporarily)


  • +.fbx import (not yet fully tested)
  • +”Save as” generates .rr3 filename to match .rlproj filename
  • +f9 nonenhanced screenshot
  • +f8 enhanced screenshot
  • +default location is Helsinki
  • +new settings in project (xref axes etc)
  • +”User preferences/Import/Units” replaces and extends “Units” dialog
  • +”User preferences/Import/Up axis” added
  • +”Scene properties/GI quality/Transparency video realtime GI” extended
  • +improved cubemap reflections
  • +Sun azimuth shifted by 180 degrees (fixes sundial)
  • +property descriptions changed from tooltips to statusbar (also not perfect, both need fix in wx)


  • +trial watermark less visible in dark parts
  • +sshot path is reset each time RL starts
  • +”User” renamed to “Preferences”
  • +measuring has 3 decimal digits
  • +Lights/Sunlight moved from Environment/Sun
  • +Light/Flashlight added
  • +Quake3 *.pk3
  • +Nendo *.ndo
  • +Blender *.blend (experimental)
  • +lensflare moves out of center if sun is partially occluded


  • +measuring displayed in 3d viewport, window removed
  • +measuring options in scene properties: enabled, imperial units
  • +measuring state saved with project
  • +measuring bigger endpoints
  • +trial version watermark
  • +edu version text at the bottom
  • +cursor in fullscreen shows up when mouse moves, disappears after 2s
  • +skymaps preloaded to make first ‘e’ faster
  • +user settings saved to Documents/RENDERLights
  • +user settings not saved by RLViewer
  • +User preferences, new panel with screenshot settings, saved per-user
  • +lensflare calculates partial occlusion (was 0% or 100% before)
  • +better click detection (improves measuring in RL)
  • +thicker crosshair


  • +logo with configurable filename, coordinates, size
  • +xref binding
  • +xref delete in context menu
  • +f10=capture animation
  • +”Recording…” is red, bigger
  • +faster response to ‘e’, skyboxes are cached
  • +environment accepts panorama textures (equirectangular)
  • +environment accepts video (realtime GI works)
  • +new options in Scene properties / GI quality
  • +updated lens flares


  • +trial+edu versions
  • +updated lic system
  • +displays “NOT FOR COMERCIAL USE”, is recorded
  • +displays logo
  • +trial/edu saved to rlproj, RLViewer reads it
  • +original rl_logo.png must be present, otherwise RL stops
  • +displays “Recording…” while recording, is not recorded
  • +vignette is recorded
  • +fps is not recorded


  • +capture animation frames to sequence of jpgs
  • +hide/unhide xref
  • +ignores dirlights from xrefs
  • +changed secondary lic server
  • +fireballs are in temp (->fewer rebuilds), not packed to exe
  • +fixed: animation replay with changed aspect
  • +fixed: skybox was not found
  • +10x higher fps with 25k objects and transparency enabled
  • +new settings in Scene properties / GI quality
  • +fixed: default “Shadomaps” in light properties was sometimes too high


  • +wheel in orthoview changes orthosize (was moving camera)
  • +no cursor in fullscreen
  • +flashlight moves 2x faster
  • +fixed: packed exe asked “overwrite rl_flashlight?”
  • +fixed: skybox was not found
  • +text edits: Specular changed to Specular reflection
  • +more detailed shadows in huge scenes
  • +no flashlight icon
  • +wheel movement is 3x slower
  • +fixed: shadows were not updated after transparency change


  • +RLViewer logs to AppData/Local/RL.log rather than to log window
  • +unit conversions for xrefed scenes (units of individual scenes saved to rlproj)
  • +sun is enabled/disabled rather than added/removed,
  • sun and flashlight are saved to rlproj even when disabled
  • +flashlight has (cropped) texture attached, FOV 2x smaller, intensity 0.3, radius 50, exponent 1
  • +flashlight is attached 0.5m below camera
  • +flashlight tracks camera with delay
  • +Animation menu
  • +names in GI menu changed to RLprecalc, RLrealtime
  • +.kmz supports files with nondefault model names
  • +screenshots saved without menu
  • +fixed: wrong aspect after changing window aspect and restoring camera
  • +unit conversions for imported scenes
  • +Lights have “Enabled” property
  • +icons of disabled lights are dark
  • +sun shadows enhanced (smooth transitions between levels)
  • +alt-f enables/disables flashlight rather than adding/removing it
  • +fixed: sun illumination was wrong, is bit brighter now


  • +’e’ cycles skyboxes with 3sec transition
  • +preferences stored in AppData/RenderLights rather than AppData/Lightsprint
  • +ctrl-f5 saves into current keyframe
  • +f5 changed to insert after current keyframe
  • +f6 changed to insert at the end of animation
  • +wheel functions changed to: wheel moves forward/backward, ctrl-wheel changes FOV/orthosize
  • +changing skybox creates 3sec transition
  • +alt-f flashlight
  • +context menu in Scene tree / Lights
  • +preferences are versioned (saved layout is lost now, will be lost each time new panel is added)