RenderLights 1.0 out now!

press release free 15.9.2010

3D Render Ltd is proud to announce the release of a new real-time radiosity capable virtual reality show software titled RENDERLights!

RENDERLights is streamlined for leveraging standard CAD-models into impressive 3D model presentations. Solution is aimed to shorten the “time to market” for architects, designers, constructors, investors, realtors etc. in regard to CAD model based virtual reality presentations that nowadays take place throughout the lifespan of a construction project in a standard manner.

It also brings a load of additional visual quality out of a box to a non-visualized CAD data. And besides visuals the meeting presentations are about fluency which RENDERLights targets as well by allowing easy pre-programming of shows topped with free real-time action by game pad controller style joystick. A combination backing up both fluency and dynamics of constructive business dialogue.

Read more at and take your construction business decision making to the next level!

Tomas Westerholm, CEO
on behalf of 3D Render Ltd RenderLights team